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Parent Previews

Parents should plan to attend either our fall or spring Parent Preview.  Our previews allow parents to do self-guided tours, see our classrooms, and speak with our staff and current parents, without disturbing our students’ learning.  Previews are on Sunday afternoons.  School tours are not offered outside of Parent Previews; however, special visits can be arranged for families coming from out of town.  Please call or email the school to inquire.  Parent Previews are for parents only.  We are not able to accommodate children at previews.  More information and registration will be posted on our web site approximately three weeks prior.

Camp da Vinci for young toddlers

Applicants who are 18-29 months old by August 31 of the desired school year and who have completed an admissions profile will be invited to attend our admissions camp, Camp da Vinci. Camp da Vinci takes place at the end of May through June and is a four-day, half-day camp. During camp, our teachers and staff observe the children to see how they engage in activities and interact with teachers and peers. Placement decisions are usually made by the first week of July. 

The da Vinci school offers fall and spring Parent Previews, a virtual tour video and admissions visits for prospective applicants. Please click the navigation pane for details.

Tours are not generally offered outside of Parent Previews. If a family is moving from out of town, an accomodation can be made. Please contact the school for more information.