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Why da Vinci?

What sets us apart from other preschool programs is our science based curriculum, our devoted teachers, and our commitment to green practices. 

We believe that young children are very capable learners.  Their natural curiosity about the world around them serves as the basis of our curriculum, using the investigation of nature, science and the arts to incorporate every aspect of learning.  We provide an atmosphere that promotes our primary vision: to love learning.

Our mission is to establish basic skills through teaching methods that stimulate your child’s interest in a broad variety of subjects, while shaping his or her self-confidence and self-image.

The teachers at da Vinci are degreed in a wide range of subjects, bring with them years of early childhood development experience and participate in on-going training.  Our teachers are hands-on and engaged with every student in their class.

The da Vinci campus has achieved LEED Gold certification, meeting high environmental standards.  In addition to utilizing eco-friendly building materials, the school also uses green cleaners, generates its own electricity, harvests rainwater and serves filtered water and healthy snacks.  It is our belief that we have a responsibility to nurture and care for the whole child.

Seeing da Vinci is believing!