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How We Teach Young Children:

The da Vinci School takes a thematic approach to learning, with science as our guiding discipline. Children are naturally curious and born scientists.  We capitalize on their tremendously curious nature and teach all academic disciplines through hands on science. They want to know — What is that? How does it work? Why is it that way? Can I touch it?! ‘and Let ME try it! A child’s basic nature is a wonderful starting point to ignite the love of learning. 
Science is a rich springboard for exploring the other developmental disciplines — art, literature, language and reading skills, cognitive processes, practical life skills, fine and gross motor development, math concepts, music, and social development. These skills can be enjoyably acquired in the context of topics young children find interesting and appealing
While the curriculum is the structure we give to our program, the relationships that young children develop with their teachers at this young age is what makes school such a special place to come each day.  We keep our class sizes small allowing our teachers to connect more deeply with each child and differentiate lessons based on unique learning styles. 
The combination of a rich curriculum and dedicated teachers creates a safe and loving environment that captures the young child’s interests and opens the door to a lifelong love of learning.  


“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” – Benjamin Franklin