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The da Vinci School takes a thematic approach to learning, with science as our guiding discipline. Children are naturally curious and born scientists.  We capitalize on this and teach all academic disciplines through hands on science. Children want to know — What is that? How does it work? Why is it that way? Can I touch it and let ME touch it! A child’s basic nature is a wonderful starting point to ignite the love of learning. 


Math is a natural part of every classroom. Our students are taught not only to recognize numbers but to understand the value of numbers and how to implement them in their daily lives. We work to build math sense as an integral part of every child’s life. 

“Mathematics is the gate and key to science.” ~ Roger Bacon~



Classes visit the gym 2 – 3 times a week. Our gym curriculum is based on select elements from the PlayWisely® program. The activities are fun for the child while engaging his or her natural learning and movement ability. The students gross motor learning continues on our playgrounds daily. The playgrounds are designed to encourage gross motor development through running, riding tricycles, digging, sliding, and climbing. Our gross motor activities are designed to aid in self-confidence, hand-eye coordination, balance, and helping children develop body awareness in space.

“Watching a child makes it obvious that the development of his mind comes through his movements” ~Maria Montessori~


Activities to develop fine motor growth are explored multiple times a day in every classroom. Through a combination of directed and open-ended play, finger games, art, toys, and directed curriculum we help the children develop hand strength to prepare for writing and other important life skills. 

“We see that the development of the hand is connected with the development of the intelligence in man.” ~ Maria Montessori~


Early childhood literacy development is a part of our daily activities. We strive to instill a deep love of books. Our classrooms have libraries that are changed out bi-weekly to match the theme. Books are often read during circle time, snack, lunch, and with the entire school on Friday mornings.

Through hands on and engaging activities, all children are exposed to letter recognition, phonemic awareness, and rhyming. Our older students are also exposed to phonics, sight words, and segmenting.

"A child who reads will become an adult who thinks.” ~ Sasha Salmina~


 All classes at da Vinci enjoy music class at least once a week.  

All children love music.  Even at the youngest ages they can recognize music and have favorite songs.  At The da Vinci School we expose students of all ages to musical concepts.  They learn to play simple instruments, find and copy the beat, dance, sing, recognize rhythm, and identify specific sounds.  

“Music and child brain development are closely linked, with language, concentration, and learning all improved through singing.” ~ Tamarin Foundation~


Our pre-k and kinder/primer students enjoy a computer class once a week.  

They are introduced to the basics of keyboarding and basic coding concepts. 

“Coding is today’s language of creativity. All our children deserve a chance to become creators, instead of only consumer of computer science.”