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Summer 2020 Activities Survey

As mentioned in my letter from early this week, we are assessing your needs and interests for you and your children over the upcoming summer months.  While I encourage everyone to “take a break” from the online activities we have had since Spring Break, we want to develop some options regardless if we are able to hold summer camp sessions at The da Vinci School. 

In our conversations with families, some parents have indicated that they have other plans for the upcoming summer months. 

Some families would like a simple checklist as a reminder of developmental areas that they can reinforce at home over the next few months. (this we can provide at no cost)

Others have expressed an interest in some more focused “summer camp-like” activities and even some academic-specific interests. (fee for these programs)

We have some teachers who are excited about developing summer program materials.  We need your help to assess what the level of need/interest is for your family. We also need to determine if it is financially viable for the school to develop these materials since they take considerable time.

We understand that your responses may differ based on the age{s) of your child(ren).

Please return this survey by Saturday, May 16.

Thank you for your help!  Mary Ann

Confidential Parent Survey:

Name(s) of child(ren) enrolled at DVS



Would you be interested in receiving a simple checklist which contains the main areas of development to help reinforce your child’s basic skills for the next school year?
Yes   No



Would you be interested in receiving additional curriculum materials and activities during the summer?
Yes   No



If you answered "yes," in question #3, please tell us which age level and curriculum areas most interest you in questions 4-8?  Please select all that apply.  For example, 3-4 year-old Language Arts might include reading readiness or reading foundations (letter and sound recognition) activities.

Ages 2-3
Language Arts   Math   STEM   Fine Motor
Ages 3-4
Language Arts   Math   STEM   Fine Motor
Language Arts   Math   STEM   Fine Motor
Language Arts   Math   STEM   Fine Motor
Other / Specific Curriculum Requests?



In what format would you like to receive the curriculum?
Continue on SeeSaw platform or similar   Take home packets with hands-on activities (no online)   Hybrid, including both online and take-home materials



Please share any additional thoughts or ideas on how we can help support you this summer.