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Mary Ann Greene

Founding Director

In 1987, Mary Ann Greene founded the Texas Foundation for Educational Advancement, Inc. (TFEA), after recognizing a need for a new and innovative approach to early childhood education.

Convinced that science is the key to inspiring a life-long love of learning and curiosity about the world, Mary Ann founded The da Vinci School in Dallas, Texas, with a core of families and $1500 raised from a yard sale.  The da Vinci School’s steady and enthusiastic acceptance in the Dallas community and from the area schools – both private and public – has established our excellent reputation.

From her earliest days in high school and college, this New Jersey native has had a passion for learning and for how to make education more effective.  After years of studying brain and cognitive development, she came to the undeniable conclusion that if you really want to make a difference in the educational outcome of a child you must begin in the earliest years of life. Thus began a life-long focus on the development of children from birth to age 6 years.

Ms. Greene spent time after college pursuing additional innovative approaches to education including individualized education approaches up through sixth grade. She started her own business, The Early Years, where she offered various parent education programs and support services from birth to age six.  After having worked with over 300 families, a core group of parents encouraged Mary Ann to begin a school that reflected her belief that young children are highly interested and capable learners.

The da Vinci School began with classes for approximately 24 students in September, 1987,  in one room of the Arthur Kramer Elementary School, a DISD school building that was not being used by the school district at that time.  By the second year the program occupied 5 classrooms.  The program relocated in 1989 to La Sierra Drive.  In 2011, The da Vinci School moved to its current location on Midway Road, allowing the school to serve many more families.

The reputation of The da Vinci School has grown by word-of-mouth to one of Dallas’ top early childhood programs. 

“My litmus test for our success is if the children love coming to school.  When children cry because they don’t want to leave school and beg for school over weekends and holidays, I know we are doing something right” said Greene.  “My goal for all of the children is that they have the brain integration needed for learning to occur, and a love of learning that will drive them to succeed in whatever endeavors they choose in life.” 


University of Dayton, B. A.-Psychology/Innovative Approaches to Education

University of Texas at Dallas-Studies in Nutrition and its Impact on Learning

Dallas Baptist University, M.Ed.-Educational Administration