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The da Vinci School has been such an important part of our lives. It nurtured our girls at such an early age that we continue to see the positive benefits from da Vinci in their lives. It is the warmest and most inviting school I have ever been a part of. Every time I think about da Vinci a smile comes to my face. I even have one of my girls ask me on a regular basis if I can help work out an extension of da Vinci through high school so she could go back there. My oldest child has come back to intern in the summers and I know my two younger ones will do the same. I also vividly remember asking the girls at dinner what was the best thing that happened at da Vinci today…. and there was never a one sentence answer. They would go on and on about how wonderful of a day they had!

- Alumni Parent



What da Vinci does with young children is truly amazing.  They have figured out how to teach Frances Bacon’s Scientific Method to preschoolers.  They have an idea and try it out.  They don’t assume it is true.  The kids learn to try again and again to figure out why the world is the way it is. 

I don’t know of another school that is teaching itty-bitty children to think this way.  Da Vinci students work daily observing the world and questioning how it works.  When they get older, that’s how their minds still work. 

I clearly see that in my older kids.   My 17 year-old is doing the exact same thing now at UT Southwestern.  My 14 year-old is also able to master his complex school work because his mind knows instinctively to use the scientific method he learned in preschool.

That’s a beautiful gift The da Vinci School gave my children, for which I am most thankful.  

-Alumni Parent


"The da Vinci School is the only place we know where kids don't cry over spilled milk... they study it."

- Alumni Parent



"We had high expectations when we started at da Vinci almost 6 years ago. Not only were those expectations met, they were far exceeded. My children and their love for learning has just blossomed at this amazing school. The school has been a gift not only to my children but to our family as well. The teachers and staff at da Vinci have become a second family to us. We are so very blessed to be a part of the da Vinci family."

- Current Parent