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PlayWisely® is the fun, innovative way to play while engaging your child's natural learning and movement ability. Our goal is to "turn on and tune in" the sensory, language, learning and movement skills essential for propelling future ability. The sciences are now clear about the important role stimulating experiences play in developing your child's brain during the critical wiring period from birth through preschool. As busy parents, you are not always sure about the best way to maximize opportunities for your child's development. PlayWisely® streamlines all the latest research for enhancing your child's natural development. We make the "Lab to Living Room" connection for parents so you can provide your child a broad base of learning and movement experience.

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Please email Beth if you have any questions about the PlayWisely® program at The da Vinci School.


The da Vinci School
PlayWisely Gym located in the
Center for Parenting and Environmental Education Building 
10909 Midway Road
Dallas, TX 75229