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Why Science Education?

Science is the platform from which young children come to understand and respect all of life.  It is said that play is a child’s work and Albert Einstein, said, “Play is the highest form of research.”

Every young child is driven to make sense of their world, to figure out how things work, and to find answers to endless questions.  If you really listen to the questions of the young child, they are the same questions scientists continue to ponder:  What makes a flower grow?  Why did the dinosaurs all die? How does an airplane fly?  What holds the stars up in the sky?  How does my body heal when I get sick? 

Science is not a subject – science is life.


With a focus on science education at The da Vinci School, we are:

  • Cultivating the young child’s natural interests,
  • Introducing the child to the world he or she desperately seeks to understand, and
  • Providing a structure and system for analyzing the information each child is constantly gathering. 

We aspire for all of our students to remain scientists, not necessarily as a career, but as students of the world, who continues to ask questions, seek answers, to marvel at and respect life.