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A Primer on Primer

What is Primer?

Primer is a transitional year between kindergarten and first grade. Primer allows for the opportunity for students to develop socially, emotionally and academically between kindergarten and 1st grade. This year allows a child to mature at his/her natural pace while continuing to progress academically.

The recommendation to consider primer is not a comment on a child's intelligence; it's a comment on that child's development.  Because children develop at such different rates and the kindergarten age span can run from five to seven, there is a tremendous range in social, physical and cognitive development.

What to Consider 

Age- Many primer children have birthdays that fall late in the school year.  
Development- Some may need more practice with fine motor skills while others would benefit from more social skills opportunities.
School- Dallas schools have varied required ages for school enrollment.  Some will not enroll a child with a late birthday.  Some enroll a large number of older children; meaning ages could vary by as much as a year and a half.  
Circumstances- The small and loving environment of da Vinci may be helpful for a child experiencing disruption outside of school.  Our classes are small, safe and warm.  Da Vinci can be a place of comfort for one extra year.

Primer at da Vinci

Our primer class is individualized to support each student’s strengths and challenges.  For example, one child may have very strong reading skills and but need time to mature socially.  As children mature, they meet activities from a higher level of thinking.  While our primers share a classroom with kindergarteners, they receive assignments geared towards their increased maturity and knowledge.   We instill and da Vinci primers take pride in the leadership roles they fill as our oldest students.  Primer is a year to grow confidence and self-esteem and share what they learn with others. 

“The Gift of Time”

We’ve heard countless parents say how thankful they were to place their child in primer.  The only regrets we have heard are from families that wished they had made that choice. 



Your child’s teacher, our kindergarten teachers or Mary Ann are happy to discuss placement options with you at any time.