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At The da Vinci School, the kindergarten/primer children are “the big kids,” a fact which the students really enjoy.  At the kindergarten/primer level, each child has his/her own desk and the day is paced so the children are being comfortably “stretched.”  As previously mentioned, we only place children in our kindergarten if we feel they are fully ready for this new level of challenge.  We have a “soft” goal that all children are basic readers by the end of the school year.  Phonics, whole word and whole language methods are all employed to varying degrees in the kindergarten language arts program.  We find that the whole word approach gives rapid feelings of success, whereas the phonics approach gives the children invaluable decoding skills.  Because children pick up these skills at varying rates, they typically graduate with reading abilities ranging from a primer level to second grade.

The primer students are integrated with the kindergarten students. They will pick up where they left off with their reading and math skills, but will be with the remainder of the class with story time, science, art and social studies activities.  More often than not a student will stay for our primer if we feel they would benefit from another year in a small, personal environment (before attending a large school setting) or if their birth date does not qualify them for admission into first grade.

The kindergarten / primer class is Monday-Friday from 8:45 a.m.-2:15 p.m.

Class size:

  • Up to 14 or 15 children

A Peek into Kindergarten/Primer