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Esteemed friends of da Vinci,

As Stan and I reflect on the last nine months and approach the end of our first year of retirement, we pause with gratitude for so much in our lives. I’d love to share with you some of our experiences (and adventures!) from this past year, including our continued commitment to da Vinci, with the hope that you will share our gratitude and sense of purpose as we watch this beloved school thrive as ever before.

October 13th, 2023, will live in our hearts as one of the best days of our lives! Being honored in our retirement by so many former and current da Vinci families and supporters filled us with joy! I wish I could have spent hours talking with each person in attendance! It also warmed my heart to see old da Vinci friends reunited. 

If you could not attend the October 13th Retirement celebration, I’d love to share with you some of the (many) reasons it left such an indelible impact on our hearts. 

The program included a photo montage of pictures of Stan and me from childhood through the da Vinci years set to the music "A Million Dreams."  That certainly captured the reality of how da Vinci was created...a million dreams that were shared and manifested by everyone who ever walked into the doors of The da Vinci School...teachers, parents, and students!

There was a parade of former and current students, including second-generation da Vinci students, ranging in age from their early 40s to current toddlers. This was SUCH a profound experience - and certainly brought home the point that da Vinci has touched so many lives over our 37 years! What an immense privilege and honor!

At the conclusion of the program, one of our Board members announced the formation of the Mary Ann and Stan Greene General Endowment! We have wanted this for a long time, and what an honor for it to bear our names!  Several people have asked how they can contribute to the endowment fund.  I am delighted to report that the Mary Ann and Stan Greene General Endowment Fund is officially in place and has already received several donations.  Gifts to this fund will be invested to provide stability, flexibility, and security for The da Vinci School long into the future.  If you would like to donate in our honor, please click here.

Many of you have asked what we are doing these days.  Interwoven with some long-awaited vacations, Stan and I continue to participate in some of our favorite da Vinci events – the annual Gala, our delightful Pageant, and our kindergarten violin performance, to name a few. 
“Mr. Stan” is always itching to build something, and when he is not doing that, we are “downloading” everything Stan has stored in his brain about our Midway campus building into a written document.

For me, I am finally participating in some regular exercise classes.  My continuing role as Founding Director and member of the Board of Directors has kept me busy and connected with da Vinci in new and wonderful ways.  I am honored to serve in an advisory capacity for Susan and enjoy spending time cataloging and archiving documents and data vital to da Vinci’s rich history.  I will develop a commemorative book using photos, letters, and formation documents from the school’s inception to today.  What a joy it is to relive these memories!  

This brings me to another treasured aspect of my retirement – reconnecting with all of you!  It is Stan’s and my great fortune to have now the time to spend reigniting meaningful friendships from da Vinci’s (and our) past. You will always be a precious member of our da Vinci community and our lives! Just know that Stan and I would love to hear from you. I have been working closely with our Parent Organization to continue to strengthen alumni ties with the school. 

All my Love,